Virtual onboarding

This is the second part of a Mdes thesis project at University of Washington with a focus on design ideation.

Thesis introduction

To white collar knowledge workers, remote working has enabled new lifestyles that weren’t possible before. However, it also raised several concerns around it, based on my research last quarter, here are some problems addressed in remote team communication:

  • Lack of employee visibility. Managers are not able to see or check in on the employees as often. Oftentimes they would assume the employees are not as focused as they would be in person. …

This is the first part of a Mdes thesis project at University of Washington with a focus on design research.


From the beginning of 2020, many companies are adapting to working from home, and transforming workplaces into telecommunication tools. New norms are emerging to accommodate telecommunication at workplaces. Coming from an architecture background, I am drawn to how people are getting used to having no office place so quickly, and how they are being creative about their new work rituals.

While tools like Zoom or Slack enable us to work more efficiently, I suggest that the cut-off of spatial experience…

Design 581-Graduate Seminar, 2019 Fall, University of Washington, Seattle Fei Shao, Contact:


With emerging technology changing human behaviors on a daily basis, human interactions in public space have been changed significantly. In fact, technologies today are transforming public space into hybrid spaces that have integrated experiences with both virtual and physical interactions embedded. This paper discusses the transition by looking back at how public spaces like community activity spaces and public buildings were designed in the past. After that I point out the gap between an original intention of the design and its actual outcome where its proposal is…

Feia shao

Mdes Candidate at University of Washington , Interaction Designer with a background in architecture.,

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